03 Jack and Junior in their younger days

Wingtip to Wingtip: The Batty Brothers: A Life in Pictures.

The Batty family owned a series of cameras. They took many snapshots and had their children pose in many situations. Often, they paid for pictures taken by photographers on busy city streets, a common occurrence during the Great Depression and World War Two. During training, Jack and Junior were sometimes allowed to take photographs on base. Here are a few of the best shots.
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The Battys to 1944


Basic Training, Jefferson Barracks, 1944

Jefferson Barracks stationary.jpg

Aviation Students Jack and Junior Batty
5th College Training Detachment (Aircrew)
2567th Army Air Force Base Unit College Training
Columbus, Ohio
18 April 1944 - 29 June 1944


Privates Jack and Junior Batty
2524th Army Air Forces Base Unit
O.L.T. Detachment Section B
Independence Army Air Field, Independence, Kansas
30 June 1944 - 08 August 1944
Air Cadets Jack and Junior Batty
San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center, San Antonio, Texas
Lackland Air Force Base, Group Y, Squadron 288
Randolph AFB, Group H, Squadron 70, Class 45-D
09 August 1944 – 01 February 1945


Aviation Cadets Jack and Junior Batty
Primary and Basic Flight School
Goodfellow Field, San Angelo, Texas
02 February 1945 – 28 June 1945